The art gallery

In the 2021 season, a live art exhibition will be opened on board the destroyer Småland. We welcome artists from the Artists' Alliance who, through various expressions, illustrate maritime environments and moods. The ambition is that both objects and artists will be replaced on an ongoing basis for two-week periods.


Between 28/7 - 10/8, art from Jaana Salo, Carina Ehlers and John Keene can be seen on board the destroyer Småland.

Jaana Salo

Jaana sees art as a way to increase welbeing, for the artist as well as for the betractor. To her this connection is strong and important, and fills a role in helping to ground us in what it means to be human. At the moment, Jaana lives on the small island Skopelos in Greece, where she shares a studio with a dutch artist. There she is developing her arts as well as herself, and she hopes that her painting spill over this to her viewers. As an artist she creates a representation of her emotional needs. Many of her paintings can be of sky and ocean, not as a true to life depiction but rather as a hint of sky and sea, peace and calm.


Carina Ehlers

Carina sees her art as a extension of an inner world in constant expansion. She lets her creativity flow without judging. Everything is seen as color and shape under constant change. To Carina, her work is mostly about the process. This means that she does not controll everything, rather she observes the unknown result. Carina has had several exhibitions, international as well as domestic. 

John Keene

John has an interest in etchnical arts and subcultures, which he expresses in his art through e.g. african masks, tiki, steampunk/dieselpunk and more. He primarly works with ceramics and forgery, and often uses recycled materials that he has seen new possibilities for. 


The Artists 'Alliance (KFA) is a Nordic artists' organization for professional visual and design artists and artisans. KFA works to reform the state artist support and introduce a more general income-related artist support on objective criteria.

KFA is a non-profit association that was formed in 2002 and with its headquarters located in Gothenburg. In principle, all active professional artists can join the national organization KFA, including artists from the other Nordic countries. Their main purpose is to act as a network for various associations, where they form an alliance to strengthen artists' conditions in society and present various proposals to the government to improve and renew the labor market for visual and performing artists.